My Story

A blog to learn and build your knowledge on landscaping and growing your own food. Learn to build a garden, get ideas for a new landscaping design, and so much more.

Where It All Started For Me

As far back as I can remember growing up my dad and I on the weekend mornings would wake up early and instead of watching cartoons, we would watch home improvement shows. I would always move closer to the tv when the landscaping portion of the show would come on. 

build n bloom

In this show, I would watch them demo, plan and build a whole new landscaping design.

The host of the show would walk around and interview all the different trades that were working on the project and what their procedures were to complete their jobs. 

This was so cool to me growing up, I would have to say this is where my love of landscape design and gardening comes from.

Growing up my mom and dad worked long hours to support our family so they didn’t always have time to teach me. Any free time around my busy sports schedule growing up I would try to replicate what I saw on tv.

My mom was a big part of my life growing up. She always told me that I could do anything I wanted to do with my life if I just put the effort into it and didn’t give up easily.

Working hard was instilled into me from an early age and today I try to pass that along to my children.

The first summer I was legally able to work I knew I wanted to get a job with a landscaping company so my friend’s father hired me and I absolutely loved it. This didn’t feel like work to me. I was getting paid to be outside all day learning about plants just amazing.

I learned so much by watching, questioning, and practicing the techniques my boss used. 

Looking Forward…

After high school, I went on to college to study landscaping. But school was never for me I just didn’t like being inside all day long I felt trapped. So I decided to go to work for a landscape architecture company and this is where I learned more than if I went to school.

My boss Paul taught me so much about the business and became my mentor. After Paul retired and moved to Florida I decided to open my own business and create landscape designs and gardens that incorporated regenerative agriculture.

I felt a need to find a way to give back to the earth for giving me the opportunity to really enjoy and love what I do. Throughout my experiences, I found that we take a lot away from the earth and don’t replenish what we’ve taken from it.

Our ecosystem is backward and I wanted a way to produce breathtaking landscapes but at the same time give back and let the earth heal itself.

I decided to write a blog so I can document my expertise for people to learn, reference from, get ideas and ask questions from anywhere in the world.  

I continue to educate myself on the newest technology, techniques, and the best quality products on the market to make the blog a place you can come for information and education, and product research. 

And so that’s how the “Build” in the Build N Bloom blog came to be.

My Sunshine

The “Bloom” in Build N Bloom is for my wife Danielle. 


She has been my sunshine throughout the years. Through tough times, Danielle has always been by my side and supported me through it.

Danielle was a school teacher until we had our 2 beautiful girls. After our kids were born she worked from home at two separate jobs and took care of our girls.

Danielle absolutely loves butterflies, birds, bees, flowers, plants, and trees. So I just love taking what she loves and the ideas she has and incorporating them into what I love to come up with the most amazing gardening ideas.

We love doing gardening projects together, through the years of working those two jobs Danielle would always say “I wish I could do something with plants I just love them” but she just wasn’t sure what it was that she wanted to do. She didn’t want to be landscaping all day but wanted to find something she could do that she loved. 

So when I told her about my blog idea she was so excited and right away started to help me cultivate the ideas for build n bloom. 

We produce gardening ideas that use the space in the most efficient way to get the most out of your crops and beds while giving back to the earth.

From attracting butterflies, birds, and bees to growing your own fruits, vegetables, and trees. Build N Bloom has got you covered. 


We love to guide homeowners on gardening, and landscaping no matter where they live or the size or type of property you can create landscapes and grow a garden anywhere. So get excited about what you want to create and do it!

Sharing our experiences with our readers is what keeps us writing. 

Engaging with our community is awesome. 

We love to hear from everyone about their thoughts, ideas, and questions on what we’re doing, what they’re doing, or what they want to do.

So go check out more posts from us on the Build N Bloom blog to read more.